Participant Education

Participants Need Help

A critical employee benefit, retirement plans nonetheless continue to be under-appreciated and underutilized by employees due to their complexities. Studies continue to show that individuals are woefully underfunded in their retirement savings. In addition, those who are participating in retirement plans often make classic investor mistakes. With so many tools available to participants, why are they not more successful? We believe that many of the underlying causes of low participation and misguided investing can be addressed through enhanced Employee Engagement.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is, very simply, a measure of the level of activity around the retirement plan. Engagement can take many forms: education, communication, active investing and rebalancing, account access, enrollment methods, company matching, regular statements, tools and resources...the list goes on. Understanding this, it's easy to see how increasing employee engagement through these mechanisms could result in better participation and more satisfied employees.

Generate Enthusiasm

We have seen the results a thoughtfully planned and executed communication campaign can have time and again. The right campaign will elevate awareness, enhance appreciation, and increase participation. The core component of any Longfellow campaign is direct interaction with employees either in group educational meetings or one-on-one. We supplement direct employee interaction with communications that re-engage the participant population.

We also seek to maximize the use of available tools and resources, including scheduling software that makes it easy for employees to schedule their one-on-one consultations and recorded webinars that can be posted to a website for employees to access anytime.